All-star gerberas

How to grow summer's show-off daisies

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  • 4. Cut Xs in the plastic far enough apart to allow good air circulation between plants (8 to 10 inches for dwarf types 2 feet for larger ones) then plant gerberas through them. To avoid crown rot set the plants so their crowns rise about an inch above surrounding soil. Cover the plastic with a thin layer of fir bark or similar mulch taking care not to mound it around plant crowns.

    All-star gerberas

    Thomas J. Story

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For cutting flowers, plant at least a dozen tall-stemmed kinds in garden beds. Group dwarf plants at the front of a bed or border, or tuck them in window boxes.

Pick off old or tangled leaves regularly; bait or handpick snails and slugs. If mildew appears, snip off affected leaves.

Large flowers, vibrant colors, and sturdy stems make gerberas standouts in the garden and in bouquets (see below). Most hybrids have blooms with two or more rows of petals.



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