A new impatiens

Thomas J. Story
A great new color in a great new impatiens

Most impatiens have single or double flowers in white or shades of lavender, orange, pink, or red. But a new variety from Ball Horticultural Company called 'Jungle Gold' has buttery yellow, bell-shaped blooms with red-streaked throats. Unlike standard impatiens, 'Jungle Gold' holds its delicate flowers well above the glossy, deep green leaves.

It prefers slightly less water and a little more shade than traditional impatiens. Usually grown as an annual, it can be treated as a tender perennial in the mildest climates; grow it in pots so it can be moved to a covered patio or other protected location for winter. In patio pots, it pairs well with yellow croton and lime green coleus. Because 'Jungle Gold' is new, availability is limited this year; it should be available in 1- gallon containers for about $6 at Armstrong Garden Centers (www.armstronggarden.com or 800/557-5268) by the end of June.

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