Top 10 gardening innovations

These trends and innovations are redefining every aspect of gardening in the West—and changing the way we live, eat, and connect with one another

Growing forward
Photo by Image Source / Getty Images; written by Kathleen N. Brenzel

Growing forward

In a world where rock stars and Hollywood celebs grab daily headlines, there are unsung heroes among us quietly changing the way we live. They are landscape architects, environmentalists, urban farmers, soil scientists, and horticultural visionaries who have turned their personal passions into pursuits that collectively reshape our homes, gardens, neighborhoods, and public spaces.

You don’t have to be a gardener to feel the impact of their efforts. You’ll experience it in restaurants that offer never-before-tasted vegetables, and in supermarkets, where you can now buy sustainably grown cut flowers. You’ll see it on formerly sun-baked city streets where today trees grow lush and green, and in the new “wilderness parks” that bring nature to ever-sprawling downtowns. Meet 10 visionaries and the trends they've spearheaded that show us what it means to make a difference in the West through gardening.


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