How to make your garden bloom

The West's best flowers for borders, beds, bouquets, and containers

23 knock-out native plants

Incorporating plants native to your climate means less water, less maintenance, and more wildlife. Here are our top picks around the West

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Bird’s eyes
Marion Brenner

Bird’s eyes

(Gilia tricolor)

Native to: California

Slender plants with finely cut leaves and colorful flowers from late spring to early fall. Useful in wild garden or borders. In fall or early spring, sow seeds in well-drained soil where plants are to grow. Thin seedlings to avoid crowding. Grows to 4–18 in. high, about 9 in. wide. Subtly beautiful flowers, carried singly or in clusters, are 1/2 in. wide or wider, with pale to deep violet with yellow throat spotted purple; blue pollen.

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