5 patios in the round

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How to build a circular patio
Linda Lamb Peters

How to build your own circular patio

Download this planting plan

Shopping tip Look for 1- to 2-in.-thick stone (it’s easier to cut) in 1- to 3-ft.-long pieces, and choose as many straight-sided pieces as possible. Buy 30 percent more than you think you’ll need. The quantities below are for our 8-ft.-diameter patio.

Tools and materials
Hard rake
Two 1-ft. stakes with pointed tips
Garden hose
Flat-headed shovel
Electrical tape
1- to 2-ft.-long level
One 8½-ft.-long 2-by-4
1 yard rough sand
Hand tamper (from a rental yard)
¾ ton slate pieces
3-in. chisel and mallet
Goggles and gloves


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