Our favorite cherry tomatoes

These varieties pop with flavor ― toss them in salads or savor them as a snack

Tomato taste-off
Thomas J. Story


For many years, 'Sweet 100' has been the standard by which all other cherry tomatoes are measured. But that hasn't stopped breeders from trying to develop new and better varieties. In a tasting conducted by our Garden and Food staff, 'SunSugar' edged out 'Sun Gold' for first place.

The tomatoes in the following slides are listed in order of preference by Sunset's tasters. At the end of each description, the boldface letters indicate whether that variety resists or tolerates one or more of these common tomato diseases and pests: F (fusarium wilt), N (nematodes), T (tobacco mosaic virus), V (verticillium wilt). All of these varieties need staking.


Vigorous, indeterminate plant bears long clusters of crack-resistant orange fruit with "rich, full-bodied flavor," as one panelist noted. 62 days from transplanting seedling to reaching maturity. F, T.


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