Trellis tree

Turn garlands into festive focal point for your entry

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Step 1

  • Trellis tree

Step 2

  • Trellis tree

Step 4

  • Trellis tree


Spiral trellis

Potting mix

Pot to hold trellis

Pruning shears

1 spool florist's wire

12- to 18-in.-long stems of rosemary or other greens

1 strand white lights


1. Poke the legs of the trellis into a soil-filled pot. Moisten the soil thoroughly to settle it around the legs.

2. Cut a 6-inch piece of wire.

Gather three rosemary stems and, leaving a 2-inch tail of wire, wrap the wire securely around the center of the stems; leave a second 2-inch tail of wire at the end of the wrap.

Make enough bundles to cover the trellis.

3. Place the foliage tips at the top of the trellis and wind the greens around the spiral. Secure the ends of the bundle by twisting the two wire tails around the trellis. Continue attaching overlapping bundles.

4. To install the lights, start at the top of the trellis and wind them around the garland.


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