Table and bench frames

Tackle the frames once you are done with the ends

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7. To make the beams that support the pole roof, cut the 10-foot 2-by-6s to 114 inches long. On the tops of the beams, measure 6 inches in from one end and, at 8 1/2-inch intervals, mark the location for the poles. The ends of the beams have a tapered profile. Measure 2 inches up and 12 inches in from the corner, draw a diagonal line between those points, and cut out a triangular shape. Round the ends with a saber saw.

8. Clamp each roof beam flush with tops of posts so the ends extend 12 inches. Where the beam meets the center of each post, mark one point 1 1/2 inches from the top edge and another 1 1/2 inches from the bottom edge. Drill 1/2-inch-diameter holes through the two boards at those eight points. Attach with 5 1/2-inch carriage bolts and secure with washers and nuts.


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