Step-by-step: DIY cabana

Use these easy instructions to build your own outdoor lounge

STEP 4: Dress it up
Thomas J. Story

Step 4: Dress it up

If you’re making your own curtains (we made ours from a Sunbrella fabric), you’ll need to create a "sleeve" at the top of each panel to slip over the frame. Simply fold the fabric over (making sure the resulting pocket will accommodate the frame’s diameter and allow for the curtain to be pulled across the frame), then secure the sleeve by using an iron and fusible tape or a sewing machine. Then make a shallower sleeve at the bottom for chains, again securing with fusible tape or a sewing machine. (If using ready-made curtains, you’ll only need to add the chain sleeves.)

With the help of a partner, hang curtains on each section of the frame’s top, then reassemble the top (see photo): Slip legs into the pipe sleeves and attach the top of the frame to L fittings. Using an electric drill, secure each joint with screws.

Tip: Use ready-made curtains with tabs. We love Ikea’s Bomull cotton curtains ($19.99 per pair; for stores); you’ll need 8 sets.


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