Step-by-step: DIY cabana

Use these easy instructions to build your own outdoor lounge

STEP 1: Build the frame

Step 1: Build the frame

We made our frame 7 by 10 feet, but size your lounge to fit your space. Using the hacksaw, cut two lengths of PVC pipe into two 7-foot-long pieces (for the width of the frame’s top). Leave two pipes 10 feet long for the length (for the width of the frame’s top). Assemble the rectangular top of the frame, inserting a T-shaped fitting at each corner.

Next, cut four 1 ½-inch lengths from leftover PVC pipe to serve as connectors between the L and T joints. Slip one of the 1 ½-inch PVC lengths into an end of each L fitting, and fit it into the open end of each T (see photo). Aim it down toward the ground.

Tip: For a snug fit, use fine- to medium-grit sandpaper to sand ends of cut pipes; remove dust, then wiggle fittings over the ends.

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