Thomas J. Story

This water feature does not need plumbing skills to install

The sight and sound of water pulsing from the fountain pictured here adds a refreshing element to Sunset’s test garden in Menlo Park. Installing this type of water feature used to require plumbing skills.

Not anymore. With Beckett’s Ceramic Watering Vase ($99–$129), you do little more than add water and plug the fountain into an outlet.

The 19-inch-tall container comes with its own plastic reservoir and submersible pump.

Conceal the reservoir beneath the fountain by digging a hole just deep enough to hold it.
 Thomas J. Story

You can dig a hole in the ground to hold the reservoir or place the vase on a patio and conceal the reservoir with stones. Before plugging it in, verify that the outlet is equipped with a ground-fault circuit interrupter.

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