Roll-around window box

Build a mobile home for indoor plants

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  • A roll-around window box, painted off-white and fitted with castors for easy moving, contains potted kalanchoe, bromeliad, and croton

    Roll-around window box

    Thomas J. Story

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1. Following the plan, cut the plywood pieces.

2. Make an open box by butting and nailing end pieces to side pieces.

3. Add bottom supports, nailing them to the insides of side pieces, flush with lower edges.

4. Turn the box upside down, put castor plates in each corner, and mount castors with 1 1/4-inch screws.

5. Using pieces of the 1-by-3, make a mitered frame with outside dimensions measuring 16 by 37 inches. Glue and nail each corner joint. When dry, center and nail it to the top of the box.

6. Cut pieces of mitered 1-by-3s to wrap around the base of the box. Position them to be 3/4 inch above floor level.

7. Measure the distance between the 1-by-3 skirt and top. Cut the pine molding to that length. Butt pieces together at each end and secure them with glue and wire brads. Equally space and secure remaining strips.

8. Countersink all nails, fill holes with wood filler, sand smooth, and paint. For an aged patina, we sanded back through the paint randomly to expose wood. Place plastic storage boxes inside finished window box.

Adding plants: One-gallon plants fill the box pictured previously. Use bricks or turned-over pots to lift smaller potted plants above the rim of the window box. Cover plastic box tops with sphagnum moss.



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