Kitchen garden wreaths

Edible and easy to make, they'll last for months

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  • Kitchen garden wreaths

  • How to make your own living wreath


  • How to make your own living wreath


  • How to make your own living wreath


  • How to make your own living wreath



• Use a 14- or 18-inch-diameter frame.

• Let the wreath grow on a fence, gate, or table in full sun.

• Give hanging wreaths a half turn periodically so the plants at the bottom don't stay too wet.

• To harvest, snip off just the outer leaves, so the small plants will continue growing for up to several months.

Simply strawberries

"A strawberry wreath is so easy to make," says Colbert. "Just start with young plants and don't bury the plants' crowns."

Use everbearing strawberries, which produce from early summer through fall.


• In spring and summer, start with sixpacks of young seedlings. In winter, use bareroot plants (soak before planting).

• Use 28 plants for a 14-inch-diameter frame and 36 plants for an 18-inch-diameter frame.

• Plant the first set of strawberries toward the outside of the wreath, placing them 4 inches apart; angle the foliage outward. Plant another set of plants between the first ones; direct the foliage upward.

• Give the wreath a half turn periodically so the bottom plants don't stay wet.

• Use a dilute (quarter-strength) solution of a balanced fertilizer (such as 14-14-14) every time you water.


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