How to make a kids' tipi playhouse

Here's how to make a colorful backyard playhouse (no sewing necessary)

Tipi playhouse
Debra Lambert

Tipi playhouse: Make the decorations

Cut out two 1½-inch-diameter and two 8-inch-diameter yellow-cotton circles (figures B and C); they’re easier to cut if you fold the fabric into quarters. Remove the paper backing.

Bond the 1½-inch circles onto opposite sides of the tepee opening, 22 inches up from the bottom and 11 inches in from the opening edges (on radius marks). Bond the 8-inch circles 10½ inches (on center) away from the little circles as shown.

Cut out twelve 3-inch-tall yellow triangles (see figure D). Cut one triangle in half lengthwise and apply the halves to the two opening edges at the bottom of the tepee; bond. Apply the 11 remaining triangles to the bottom edge of the tepee at the six radius marks and halfway between each pair of marks.


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