How to make a kids' tipi playhouse

Here's how to make a colorful backyard playhouse (no sewing necessary)

Tipi playhouse
Debra Lambert

Tipi playhouse: Make decorations

Following the package instructions, apply the iron-on adhesive to the back side of the yellow cotton. At one edge of the fabric, draw two 12- by 3-inch zigzag shapes on the backing of the adhesive (see figure E).

Cut out the shapes, saving the triangles (shaded on the pattern) to line the tepee’s top edge. Remove the paper backing from the zigzags.

Place a zigzag along the top of each opening edge of the tepee as shown in the photo on page 126 and bond with an iron. Next, bond the small triangles (saved from zigzags) along the tepee’s top edge:

For the first row, lay seven triangles point to point and bond. Apply the second row of triangles (six) in alternate spaces over the first row’s touching points (see figure F).


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