How to make a kids' tipi playhouse

Here's how to make a colorful backyard playhouse (no sewing necessary)

Tipi playhouse
Debra Lambert

Tipi playhouse: Cut out the fabric

When you purchase fabric, it’s folded in half lengthwise. Unfold the nylon and refold it in half crosswise (cut ends together) to create a 60-inch square.

To make a 60-inch-radius halfcircle for the tepee shell, mark a quarter- circle on the folded fabric using a pencil and measuring tape: Lay the measuring tape down between two diagonal corners and draw a 60-inch-long line measured from the folded corner (this is the radius).

Then, starting from the adjacent folded corner, draw a quarter-circle, arcing around the end of the line and ending at the opposite corner.

It may help to mark the curve of the quarter-circle with string secured by pushpins. Cut out the quarter-circle and unfold the fabric.


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