How to make a kids' tipi playhouse

Here's how to make a colorful backyard playhouse (no sewing necessary)

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Tipi playhouse
Debra Lambert

Tipi playhouse: Paper guide

To make installation easier (otherwise you need two people), make a paper guide for installing the poles (see figure G): With masking tape, piece together two 30- by 60-inch sheets of heavy paper so you can cut a 60-inch diameter circle.

Mark the edge of the circle into 6 even arcs.

Align poles so the thick ends are down. Trim poles to equal lengths. Drill a hole in each pole 62 inches from the bottom. (You'll use these holes when tying the top of the tipi together.)

Hammer a steel rod into inside the base of each pole, leaving about 4 inches protruding from the bottom of the pole. These will act as tent stakes.


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