Installation tips

Follow these guidelines while handling mirrors

Mirror magic

Working with mirrors

  • Wear heavy leather gloves and protective glasses.
  • If you will be placing the mirror where children play, use safety glass.
  • To prevent moisture damage, seal mirror edges by painting "edge seal" (a lacquerlike substance available at glass shops) around all sides.

Vertically mounted mirrors

  • Add a backing such as exterior-grade 3/4-inch plywood. Use mirror mastic, a strong waterproof adhesive that's available at large hardware stores and glass shops, to mount the mirror to the plywood.
  • Give the mirror proper support.
  • Frame the mirror with wood, metal, plastic, or even tile.

Mirrors on the ground

  • Choose a level spot among plants.
  • Dig out 2 inches of soil and replace it with builder's sand, packed firm.

Mirror magic

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