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1 Excavate, run the electrical lines, and pour concrete

The footing for this project is 8 inches wide and 24 inches thick, but check with your local building department to make sure you comply with its codes. Excavate and build forms. Run electrical conduit for the receptacles. Install horizontal reinforcing bar as required by code. If you will fill the block cells with concrete, also run vertical rebar, carefully placed so it will run up through every other cell. Pour and finish the footing.

2 Build the block walls

After allowing the slab to cure for several days, build the block walls. At the door opening, install angle irons and then 2-inch block on top. This opening needs to be carefully sized. If the grill requires them, build a solid support and an enclosure.

3 Face with faux stone

Apply mortar to the block wall using a notched trowel, then set the stones in the mortar. You may need to use temporary spacers to keep the stones from sliding down while the mortar is wet. Fill the joints with mortar and tool them.

4 Have the granite slab installed

Once the counter is built, have the granite company come out and measure for the countertop. The edges should be smoothed and polished so they shine like the rest of the countertop. Granite is impervious to most stains, but you may want to apply a sealer anyway for extra protection.

5 Install the appliances and door

Hook up the grill to the gas line. Apply silicone caulk to seal the flange, then install the grill in the opening. Install the doors and apply caulk to seal out rain.

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