Flower trees

Tabletop trees made from your favorite flowers

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COST: About $20 or more, depending on the flowers

TIME: About 1 hour each


• 1 block florist's foam (4 by 9 by 3 inches thick)

• Bucket

• Flowers: Chrysanthemum trees (white, green): 75 stems
Red gerbera tree: about 20 stems

• Knife for shaping florist's foam

• Small pot or urn, about 4 inches diameter

• Plastic spray bottle of water

• Flower clippers or scissors


1. Soak the florist's foam in water until moistened, about 20 minutes. Place flowers in water-filled bucket.

2. Using knife, slice off enough foam to round each corner on one end of the foam block. Slip this end into the container, pushing and twisting until it is snug.

3. With the knife, starting at the top corners, shave downward on all sides of the foam block to form a flat-topped cone. If edges begin to dry, spray with water.

4. With scissors or clippers, cut several flower stems about 3 inches long, cutting on an angle. Poke stems about an inch deep into the foam cone. Continue until the foam is totally covered with flowers.


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