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Votive chandelier
Thomas J. Story

Votive chandelier

Create your own romantic lighting for an outdoor dinner party by suspending votives (we used mini recycled-glass tea light lanterns) at varying heights from low-hanging branches. Use clear fishing line and be sure to keep candles a safe distance from the leaves.

For a stained-glass version, cover chandelier lanterns with tissue paper and get a soft glow. Don’t be afraid to try different patterns, abstract shapes, and colors. We designed ours as a nod to artist Mark Rothko.

Supplies: Ruler, pencil, scissors, tissue paper, small foam brush, Yasutomo Nori* or similar paste, and glass lanterns or jars

1. Measure and cut tissue paper into desired shapes and sizes (we used long strips for easy application).

2. Dip foam brush into paste. Holding a piece of tissue paper against the outside

of the lantern, paint an even coat of paste onto tissue paper and adhere to glass.

3. Repeat until lantern is covered. Let dry overnight, then hang.

Tip: Keep lanterns away from moisture.

*About $7 for 10 oz. at dickblick.com


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