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Best wines with pizza & burgers

Delicious toppings turn pizza and burgers into the perfect wine food. Get our top matches

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Salumi pizza and wine pairings
Photo by Thomas J. Story

Best pizza for red wine blends

Red Rhône blends are getting a healthy splash of Grenache these days, along with Syrah, Mourvèdre, and cousins. We built a pizza to match: a thin crust topped with red sauce and gourmet salumi. Top it with:

  • Marinara sauce Sweet but acidic tomatoes need a fruity, high-acid wine, like juicy Grenache.
  • Caramelized sweet onions Char pulls out the smokiness in Rhône grapes. Grown here instead of France, they offer a fruitiness that handles the sweet onions.
  • Provolone Most cheeses are a little tough on red wines, but provolone goes easy, contrasting nicely with the brightness of the wine.
  • Roasted red peppers Sweet and vegetal at once, peppers match both the fruit and the common herbal, underbrush-like character of Rhône blends.
  • Sopressata Spicy cured meat calls for a fleshy, peppery red; Syrah delivers the former, Grenache the latter.


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