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Best wines with pizza & burgers

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Pairing wine with hamburgers
Photo by Thomas J. Story

Build a burger perfect for sparkling wines

Kick off our tour of fast-food wine pairings with a good burger and a sparkling wine made mostly from Pinot Noir. Use ground chuck—its generous fat content loves bubbles; then pile on Pinot-friendly toppings:

  • Brioche buns Good sparklers counter the richness of eggy, buttery bread.
  • Avocados Hard on most grapes, avocados have few wine friends. Sparklers make them work.
  • Applewood-smoked bacon High-acid sparklers are a natural for salty foods. Add smoke to the food, and you link to the earthy side of the wine.
  • Caramelized sweet onions Put a little char on “melted onions,” and the sweet fruit in the wine will pop.
  • Sautéed mushrooms Mushrooms are a Pinot’s best friend.
  • Gruyère cheese Its nuttiness pulls out the earthy lees-iness of a Pinot sparkler.
  • Herbed horseradish mayonnaise Chase the sinus-clearing root with bubbles, and all the herbs and lemon in the sauce will team up with the herbal, citrus side of the wine.


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