Sunset's 2010 Western Wine Awards

After this year’s grand taste-off, 40 bottles rose to the top. Plus we found the people and places that are changing what we’re drinking

2010's top wine trends

The people and places that are changing the wine scene in the West

Wine on tap
Photo by Alex Farnum

The 6 need-to-know wine trends for 2010

We delved deep into the bustling Western wine scene for this year's Wine Awards, and in the process uncovered some of the top trends in the industry. Here's what's happening right now in the West's thriving wine regions.

Trend: Greener wine

Natural Process Alliance is delivering wine to restaurants in two Earth-friendly ways: reusable, bottle-size stainless-steel canisters (which get picked up and re-filled); and kegs to serve on tap (left).

No bottles to make, transport, and recycle. And these reusable containers save the environment big-time on the waste and carbon-footprint fronts.


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