Tiny bubbles

Here's how to buy a great sparkling wine, and our picks from the West's best producers

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Tiny bubbles

Annabelle Breakey

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Bubbles make strange bedfellows. The late Dom Pérignon (1639-1715) and Paris Hilton are both on record as being excited about sparkling wine.

He (reportedly): "Come quickly! I am tasting stars!" She: Helicoptered into the Austrian Alps earlier this year to publicize Rich Prosecco, an Italian sparkler that comes in a can.

Considering that one of the most highly regarded Champagnes in the world now carries his name, it's safe to say that Dom P's bubbles are not Paris Hilton's bubbles.

And the difference between them ― how they get in the wine and their size ― matters. It determines the quality of the sparkler, to say nothing of the taste of its champion.



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