St. Pat's wine

Let the rest of the (un)civilized world go wild with green beer on St. Patrick's Day...

Get our favorite corned beef recipes

Allspice, cloves ― all those warm spices in corned beef often show up in Pinot Noir, too.

And if you choose one that's lean on alcohol and tannin, but generous with cranberry and cherry flavors and acidity, you've got a match.

Look to sprawling Paso Robles, on California's Central Coast, for aromatic whites and big, velvety reds.

Here are our picks of the Paso gems:

Eberle Mill Road Vineyard Viognier 2005 (Paso Robles; $20).
Peach nectar, limestone, and a touch of bitter orange.

Robert Hall Sauvignon Blanc 2005 (Paso Robles; $14).
Fresh grass and tropical aromas give way to creamy-tart lemon-zest flavors.

Tablas Creek Côtes de Tablas Blanc 2004 (Paso Robles; $22).
Delicate but intense, this mostly Viognier-Marsanne blend has beautiful honeyed tangerine and stone fruit.

L'Aventure Optimus 2004 (Paso Robles; $45).
A Syrah-Cabernet blend with an iron core. Mint, chocolate, sweet pipe tobacco, and blackberries.

Treana Red Blend 2003 (Paso Robles; $52).
Cassis, mocha, and healthy tannins identify Cab and Merlot; herbs and dark berries reveal Syrah.

Villa Creek Avenger 2004 (Paso Robles; $28).
A Syrah-heavy Rhône blend, perfectly balanced between earth and fruit ― smoke and herbs are followed by juicy dark plums, berries, and mint.

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