Perfect sparkling rosé pairings

Forget the cameo role at parties--make sparking rosé the main star

Perfect sparkling rose pairings: Your guide to the perfect pink sparkler

Photo by Thomas J. Story

Your guide to the perfect pink sparkler

With an enormous gamut of flavors from the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes it’s made from, pink bubbly is a celebration in a glass and a great match for party food. These menus pair wonderfully with this wine and may surprise you.

Perfect sparkling rose pairings: our picks

Photo by Thomas J. Story

Our picks

1 | Soter Estate Grown 2005 Brut Rosé (Yamhill-Carlton District; $48). Wonderfully furious bubbles carry floral aromas, tart and spicy red fruit—cherry, cranberry—and a punch of grapefruit zest on the finish.

2 | Gloria Ferrer 2006 Brut Rosé (Carneros; $42). Vibrant and spicy cherry, rhubarb, and watermelon scented with rose petals.

3 | Gruet Nonvintage Brut Rosé (New Mexico; $15). Tart raspberry and pear lead into a riot of berries, grapefruit, and lively bubbles.

4 | Iron Horse 2005 Brut Rosé (Green Valley of Russian River Valley; $50). Bold, red, and spicy; raspberries spiked with a little sassafras and orange zest.

5 | Roederer Estate Nonvintage Brut Rosé (Anderson Valley; $27). Fresh apple cider, delicate cherries, bright lemon, and earth.

6 | Mirabelle Nonvintage Brut Rosé by Schramsberg (North Coast; $27). Green apple and pear from Chardonnay; framboise and warm spices from Pinot.

7 | Domaine Carneros “Cuvée de la Pompadour” Nonvintage Brut Rosé (Carneros; $36). Earthy, smoky yeast under strawberry, cranberry, and citrus peel.

Perfect sparkling rose pairings: Potato Bar Menu

Photo by Annabelle Breaky; food styling by Karen Shinto

Try rosé with this potato bar menu

Small, steamed Yukon Gold potatoes—halved, scooped out a little, and topped with: salmon caviar, capers, and crème fraîche

Shelled crab, green onions, and Louie dressing

Sautéed wild mushrooms, caramelized onions, and crumbled bacon

Spicy shredded beef  and chipotle aioli

Perfect sparkling rose pairings: BBQ Bash Menu

Photo by Annabelle Breaky; food styling by Karen Shinto

Pair rosé with this BBQ bash menu

Root-vegetable chips and caramelized onion dip (pictured)

Barbecued pork ribs or barbecued chicken

Onion rings or sweet potato fries

Black bean and red pepper salad

Perfect sparkling rose pairings: Sunday bubble brunch menu

Photo by Annabelle Breaky; food styling by Karen Shinto

Rosé is perfect with this Sunday bubble brunch menu

Classic quiche Lorraine or smoked salmon–filled crêpes (pictured)

Maple-candied bacon

Blood orange and grapefruit compote

Dried cranberry scones

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