Rob D. Brodman
Try this light, fruity wine with dinner tonight

Riesling is a crisp, aromatic white wine with delicate white peach, green apple, and lime flavors or riper apricot, nectarine, and mandarin orange, often with a pleasant minerality akin to wet stones and a haunting diesel-like aroma (if you can imagine that as a good thing).

It can be bone-dry to quite sweet (Western winemakers are making it drier now than in years past), but the best across all styles have great acidity that keeps the wine lively.


Riesling is the most flexible food wine in the world, hands down. It's a great match for almost all Asian dishes―Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, and Indian―as well as Southwestern foods, barbecue, sausages, sushi, salads, and egg dishes. Riesling has a special affinity to pork and shellfish of all kinds.

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