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Pinot gris/pinot grigio: crisp to complex

Annabelle Breakey Pair a Pinot Gris with our Ultimate Mac 'n' Cheese
Pinot Grigio is usually crisp, light, and steely, with great acidity; Pinot Gris (the same grape) is often made into a rounder, more complex wine

Swirl and taste: Pear, lemon (sometimes leaning toward lemongrass), melon, and sweet spice flavors often come with a flinty edge ― imagine wet stones.

Pair with:
• Richer fish ― tuna, salmon
• Shellfish
• Chicken
• Pasta
• Fresh herbs
• Simple but rich sauces
• Mild Asian dishes
• Coconut milk–based curries
• Some cheeses ― Grùyére

Find your style: In Italy, Pinot Grigio is usually crisp, light, and steely, with great acidity; in France, Pinot Gris (the same grape) is made into a richer, rounder, more complex wine.

U.S. winemakers make it both ways, and generally name it for the style they're shooting for.

Perfect Recipe pairings

For Pinot Gris
Capt'n Bobino's Fisherman-style Crab
Pan-Roasted Fish with Thai Curry Sauce
Warm Chicken BLT Salad
Ultimate Mac 'n' Cheese
Oven-Baked Salmon with Picholine Olive Sauce

For Pinot Grigio
Halibut Tostadas with Yogurt-Lime Sauce
Cracked Crab Vinaigrette
Crab and Smoked Trout Cakes with Herb Salad
Shrimp and Scallop Ceviche Salad