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10 great beer & wine pairings for summer foods

What to pour to match summer's big flavor foods

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Pairing tips for seafood
Thomas J. Story

Pairing tips for seafood

SP: Citrusy hops in beer do good things for seafood and the fresh herbs we tend to cook our fish with. But if it’s salmon on the grill, make it a malty altbier.

BT: Put light, crisp wines like Sauvignon Blanc with lighter, flakier fish and delicate shellfish like oysters; fuller-bodied, richer whites (Chardonnay) with fleshier fish and shellfish (lobster); light reds like Pinot Noir with meaty tuna, salmon, and swordfish; and bubbles with raw fish—they refresh your palate after every bite of crudo or sushi.



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