26 ways to toast the holidays

Liven the holidays with these mochas, ciders, toddies, nogs, mulled wines, and more


Hot Mojito Tea
The mojito ― a mint-laced rum cocktail ― might be the hottest drink in town these days, but it's served ice cold. We've turned the temperature on its ear for the holidays.

Perfect Tea
Taste the tea as it steeps, and remove leaves when the liquid tastes good to you, usually in 3 to 5 minutes ― after 5 minutes tannins get bitter.

"I was first introduced to tisane at Chez Panisse in Berkeley. I loved the bright flavors that fresh herbs gave to tea," says Sunset reader Rofina Wilenchik, who makes this herbal tea contribution.

Aromatic Ginger Tea
For iced tea, brew up to 1 day ahead, replacing the whole milk with water and substituting Darjeeling tea for the Assam.

Kashmir Tea
Dress up the tea with cream and nuts, or serve it plain.

Falkland House Tea Blend
Milk and sugar smooth the bold character of this intense blend.


Hot Berry Lemon Toddy
Start with a slice of lemon, cloves, and raspberry-lemonade concentrate to make a single serving in the microwave.


Mulled Cranberry Wine Punch
Replace red wine with apple juice and omit liqueur to make a nonalcoholic punch.

Mulled Pineapple Wine Punch
Pick a Muscat dessert wine for this warm beverage or use white grape juice instead.

Mulled White Wine
A lean white wine that hasn't been aged in oak works best for this drink. Add a few fresh lemon, orange, and kumquat slices for decoration as well, if you like.

Warming Reds for Winter Meals
Here are some delicious reds you might consider drinking one night soon.

Infused Vodkas
Our infusions range from traditional caraway to updated saffron-orange.

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