I’m a little crazy for a good CSA (community supported agriculture). That’s when you sign up with a nearby farm, you pay a monthly fee (or quarterly), and you get a box of fresh vegetables delivered to a central location in your neighborhood. I’ve heard of meat CSAs, and even coffee CSAs. But pasta CSA? Sign this Italian up.

Baia Pasta is not just any pasta either. But pasta made by two Italians, one of whom was the former executive director of Slow Food International (Renato Sardo). He and other co-founder, Dario Barbone, named it baia, the Italian word for Bay, paying homage to its location in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The wheat Baia uses is from Colorado, Utah and Montana—wheat considered to be the best in the world, says Renato.

It's also small batch. Yes to organic grains. All the usual and unusual varieties: durum, kamut and spelt. And Baia is in the process of partnering with California farmers to add other varieties.

Bye bye industrial pasta. This is serious pasta. This is why I live in California.

For more info on the CSA or how to buy this pasta.

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