Take aim and shoot

A handy new tool

That's all there is to using the Raytek MiniTemp MT2 and MT4 infrared sensor thermometers: Point, pull the trigger, and a digital display shows the temperature at the spot sighted ― 0° to 500°F and -18° to 260°C. MiniTemp MT4 also has a laser beam to confirm the accuracy of your aim; both thermometers are battery-powered.

Unlike probe thermometers, which must be immersed or inserted in foods, the MiniTemp MTs instantly read surface temperatures. Being limited to surfaces isn't the handicap you might think. Centers of soft mixtures can be swirled to the top, and with the laser beam to confirm your focus, you can even get a reading in the center of a piece of meat when you cut to test. MT2 costs about $99, MT4 about $139; (800) 866-5478.

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