How to make easy fresh pasta

Berkeley chef Samin Nosrat shows us the joy of making fresh pasta

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Quality ingredients
Thomas J. Story

Quality ingredients

When you’re cooking with only a few ingredients, their quality makes a huge difference. Nosrat gave us her choices for the recipes that follow.

  • Extra-virgin olive oil. Santa Chiara brand, from Liguria, Italy. “The coastal weather makes it buttery and mild, not super peppery.”
  • Gray sea salt from Brittany, France. “It’s slightly coarser than kosher, a bit moist, and deli­ciously minerally. My resolution this year: sel gris for everything.”
  • Chiles. Instead of red chile flakes, which have a predictable heat, she buys whole dried chiles—mainly from Mexico, from smoky to fiery—and chops or crumbles them for these sauces. “I add them cautiously, then taste before adding more.”
  • Clams. “I love the flavor of littlenecks—they’re so clammy. Manilas are little, so they’re good for serving whole in the pasta.”
  • Ricotta salata. Pietra del Sale, which is surpris­ingly fresh-tasting and creamy for an aged ricotta.
  • Semolina flour. Bay Area brand Giusto’s Vita-Grain, milled from durum wheat. “I like how fine it is.”


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