How to grill over a live fire

Go hands on with celeb chef Michael Chiarello, who shows us how to build a firepit fast and grill great food

Asparagus Insalata Piadine
Photo by Thomas J. Story

Asparagus Insalata Piadine

Once the prosciutto are crisping, Chiarello starts grilling the piadina, a kind of flatbread from Emilia-Romagna specialty. He describes it as “crisp warm dough with a highly flavored sauce and a cool salad.” To make it on a gas grill, set a pizza stone on the cooking grate over high heat for at least 20 minutes. No matter your method, says Chiarello, “don’t wait for your guests to sit down. You gotta make ’em and eat ’em.” As he’s grilling and topping the piadine, he has a fresh log or two burning at the back of the pit, so it will be ready to boost the fire for the main course: chicken under a brick.

Recipe: Asparagus Insalata Piadine


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