Sunset's One-Block Feast

Discover how we learned to eat almost entirely from the land around us ― and how you can, too

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Take a peek at our book about how we tried to raise every ingredient we’d need for 4 seasonal menus—right in our backyard. Plus: recipes

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The One-Block Feast: Team Bee

Team Bee

Team Bee began its bee adventure in part because we needed honey to sweeten our feast. But we also did it for the love of bees.

You have probably heard the statistic: bees are responsible for producing about one-third of our country’s food supply, because they pollinate our plants. Unfortunately for them and for us, they have been dying in huge numbers over the past several years. No one has conclusively understood why. We figured that by raising bees, we would contribute, in at least a small way, to the overall population of bees. “The learning experience is so worth it,” says Margaret Sloane, Sunset’s Production Coordinator and Team Bee’s main blogger. “Most people don’t know about the lives in the hive. And it’s so relaxing. Whenever I’m stressed, I go out and watch them.”

"Another nice thing about bees," says Brianne McElhiney, Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief, "is that they smell like honey."

Try beekeeping yourself with The One-Block Feast’s step-by-step guide to raising honeybees and making honey.


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