Sunset's One-Block Feast

Discover how we learned to eat almost entirely from the land around us ― and how you can, too

Inside The One-Block Feast

Take a peek at our book about how we tried to raise every ingredient we’d need for 4 seasonal menus—right in our backyard. Plus: recipes

The One-Block Feast

How we got started

In 2007, as the locavore wave was building, Sunset launched a project called the One-Block Diet. We designed a summery menu calling for ingredients that we thought we might be able to grow or make right here on the magazine’s grounds in Menlo Park, California—and then we did our best to actually create it. We planted vegetables and fruits (easy), pressed our own olive oil (a bit more challenging), made wine and beer and cheese (bring it on!), and even raised chickens and bees.

The story of that menu ran in our August 2008 issue, but we didn’t stop there. Along with Team Cow, Team Tea, and Team Escargot (when your garden gives you snails …), the project spawned a blog—which won a James Beard award in 2009—and now a book.

Click through to read about out various One-Block teams and to get some deliciously fresh (and super-local) spring recipes—and don’t forget to order your copy of The One-Block Feast on!

Also, check out this fun video about our One-block experience at Sunset!



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