More ways to savor the harvest

Cook from your backyard all season with even more of our favorite summer recipes

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One-block feast corn

Slicing kernels form an ear of fresh corn

Thomas J. Story

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We had lots of produce coming out of our summer One-block Feast garden, so the Sunset Food Department dove into our recipe files for more ways to cook all that we grew. Even if you’re buying your produce, you’ll be happy with these tasty, summery suggestions.


Café Azul Rajas con Queso
This tangle of sautéed onions and rajas (roasted chiles, cut into strips) has the simple, direct flavors often found in Mexico’s tacos.

Green Chile-Chicken Stew
A light yet chunky summery stew, loaded with green bell peppers and green chiles ― Anaheims (or poblanos) and serranos.

Green Chile Mayonnaise
This feisty serrano-spiked spread goes into the filling for Deviled Cucumber Cups, but is also great on ham sandwiches.

Halibut Baked in Fresh Green Salsa
Pristine white fish draped with a delicate, creamy poblano-cilantro sauce.

Potato Cheese Chiles
Whole poblanos stuffed with a cheesy mashed-potato filling.


Corn with Mustard Seeds
This Indian-inflected recipe couldn’t be simpler: a handful of ingredients, but a lot of flavor.

Corn for a Crowd
Put out bowls of boiled sweet corn with any of these 10 quick and delicious toppings, from cilantro chili garlic butter to spiced salt.

Sweet Corn Ice Cream
Sweet corn is a favorite ice cream flavor in Mexico, where the kernels are usually stirred in whole. We've grated them to extract their sweet, milky liquid and used the kernels and liquid as part of the custard base.


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