Seasonal eats

No matter what time of year, we love eating what's freshest. Here's our guide to the best fruit and vegetable recipes for healthy, seasonal eating

Best-ever summer recipes

Summer is ripe for deliciously fresh eating. Here's how to enjoy the season's best ingredients

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green bean salad

30 easy ways to savor summer's harvest

Try these quick ideas for using the season’s best fruits and vegetables


Marinated Heirloom Tomato Salad

46 fresh tomato recipes

Celebrate fresh tomato season with salads, salsas, sandwiches, pastas, and more


Spicy Hoisin Sesame Glazed Corn

31 ways with fresh corn

Grill it to perfection, turn it into the perfect summer salad, make tamales, and more


homemade berry sherbet

29 fresh berry recipes

When markets and farm stands are brimming with ripe berries, savor them in creamy tarts, drinks, salads, and muffins


Spiced Crostata with Pluots

38 ways with summer stone fruits

Cook up peaches, nectarines, cherries, and plums in desserts, salads, and more


Miso-glazed Eggplant (Nasu Miso)

16 tasty eggplant recipes

Get our favorite dishes highlighting the summertime staple, from grilled side dishes to zingy stir-fries


Summer Squash Carpaccio and Shaved Cheese Salad

20 ways with summer squash

From grilled veggie sides to inventive salads, get our favorite ways to enjoy summer squash and zucchini


Garlic and Thyme Green Beans

15 great green bean recipes

Celebrate the favorite veggie with these delicious side dishes


Pickled Jicama, Ginger, and Summer Peppers

21 delicious ways with peppers

Get our favorite dishes with peppers and chiles to add sweetness and spice to your weeknight and special-occasion meals


Sweet and Sour Cucumber and Red Onion Pickles

16 refreshing dishes with cucumbers

Crunchy and refreshing, cucumbers are the ultimate summer bite. Enjoy them in these sides, cool soups, and more


The Party Starter (Watermelon Tequila Cocktail)

12 creative melon recipes

Savor the sweet flavors of summer melon in salads, cocktails, and desserts


Grilled Strawberry Shortcake Kebabs

35 summer fruit desserts

These summer treats celebrate the freshest flavors of the season--try sorbets, ice cream sundaes, and more fruity treats


fresh peaches

17 juicy peach recipes

Enjoy the year's best peaches in summer cocktails, desserts, and surprises from the grill



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