Salsa, hold the chips

Create 9 great dishes using 3 favorite salsa recipes: roasted red, yellow, and classic green

The salsa:  Fire and Fruit Yellow Tomato Salsa

The combination of mango and tomato may seem surprising, but the pickling ingredients bring them together in an enticing way.

The recipes:

1.  Spiced Grilled Chicken with Fire and Fruit Yellow Tomato Salsa

2.  Halibut Tacos with Fire and Fruit Yellow Tomato Salsa

3Easy Grilled Pork Chops with Fire and Fruit Yellow Tomato Salsa

Add heat to taste

You can control the heat of a salsa by adjusting the heat of the chiles.

Slice off the top of each chile, being sure to cut through the ribs and seeds, where the heat-producing compound capsaicin is concentrated. Test the chile’s fire by touching the top to your tongue (each chile has a different heat level). Adjust the heat, if you want a milder salsa, by splitting the chile and scraping out some or all of the ribs and seeds. If your skin is sensitive, wear kitchen gloves or hold chiles with a fork ― and don’t touch your eyes.

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