14 masterful pasta recipes

One of the secrets of making good pasta is understanding what sauce to pick for each pasta shape. Here are some of our favorite matchups

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Annabelle Breakey


Although it comes in a variety of different diameters, and can be ridged or smooth, penne is best with coarse-textured but loose sauces, or sauces with chunky bits about the same size as the penne (so every bite delivers both). Ridged penne (actually any ridged pasta) is also good with melted cheese, which tends to coat and cling in a most delicious way.

Penne All'Amatriciana

All’Amatriciana, which indicates the recipe hails from the Amatriciana area of Italy, is a rich and spicy tomato sauce. Traditionally, it’s made with guanciale, a part of the pig jowl that’s considered a delicacy. We’ve simplified things by using pancetta or bacon.

Recipe: Penne All'Amatriciana





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