15 ways with Mediterranean flavors

With just a few ingredients from the eastern side of the sea, you can give familiar dishes––even burgers––an exotic spin

10 essential Mediterranean ingredients

10 essential Mediterranean ingredients

Here are 10 of the tastiest, most versatile ingredients from the eastern Mediterranean—and easy ways to work them into your repertoire.


Think yogurt is just sweetened snack cups? The plain full-fat stuff has a beautiful tang and creaminess, and is a revelation as an ingredient.

Get: At any grocery store.

Try: Add a little salt and mint for a sauce for vegetables or grilled meat. Drain so it’s thick and satiny, and you’ve got labneh (make your own, below, or buy at Middle Eastern mar-kets). Mix with olive oil and garlic and toss with pasta, or serve with bread for dunking.

Recipe: Labneh

From chef Chris Ainsworth

Makes: 3 cups | Time: 5 min., plus 7 hours to drain

Line a strainer with cheesecloth and spoon in 32 oz. plain whole-milk Greek yogurt. Set over a deep bowl, cover, and chill 7 to 24 hours to drain. Keeps, chilled, up to 1 week.



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