13 French recipes with Western twists

Want to cook like Julia Child? Get out your whisk! Here are 13 French recipes to master

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Cheese omelet
Photo by Ann Stratton

Folded Cheese Omelet

This is the French cook's final exam, beguiling in its simplicity. Because as anyone who's made an eggy mess of a skillet can attest, simple can be death-defying.

Your secret weapons: A nonstick skillet and a precise technique. It's worth practicing till you get it right, and we give you the instructions you need to create le petit déjeuner of your dreams.

Now, all you need to do is figure out how to fill it. Camembert and thinly sliced leeks? A handful of shredded gruyère? Crumbles of chèvre and sliced red peppers? Once you've passed this test, the possibilities are endless.

Recipe: Folded Cheese Omelet


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