22 classic Sunset recipes

For more than a century, Sunset editors have been charting the next big things in food. Here are our most iconic recipes, revisited and reinvented

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Caesar salad
Photo by James Carrier

Caesar salad

Tijuana, Mexico, July 4, 1924, Caesar's Place. As the restaurant fills with holiday diners, Italian-born chef and restaurant owner Caesar Cardini runs short on ingredients for the day's salad. He improvises with what's on hand: romaine leaves, parmesan cheese, olive oil, lemon juice, a raw egg, Worcestershire sauce, and croutons (anchovies came later). The salad is a hit with the Hollywood set who frequent Cardini's restaurant, and they take their reverence for Caesar back home. Served plain or topped with everything from grilled chicken to fried ginger, the salad becomes a hallmark of California cuisine.


Stacked Caesar Salad with Parmesan Rafts: This version of the classic dressing has loads of flavor but no raw egg




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