Tales of turkey-grilling disaster: Sunset readers write in

Avoid these classic--and often hilarious--mistakes that Sunset readers have made when grilling their Thanksgiving turkeys

The bird takes a dip

My grilling nightmare was on Thanksgiving a few years ago. My husband loves to grill. He is a Weber man and truly makes the best turkey. Friends had mentioned that when they grill their turkey, they lay bacon strips across the bird to baste it while cooking. In my desire to prepare the most flavorful turkey for the family, I thought that if three strips of bacon are good, eight or nine would be better. So when my husband went to take his shower, I checked the bird … and added six more strips of bacon.

When my husband came out of the shower, smoke was billowing out of the grill. When he removed the lid, we had a full-on grease fire. He quickly grabbed the bird and plunged it into the pool. Needless to say, the bird was black and crisp. Being the resourceful person that I am (and knowing that 12 family members were landing at our house in an hour), I scrubbed the bird as best I could and did the carving out of view.

Guess what—the turkey got rave reviews and howls of laughter. No one detected a tinge of chlorine aftertaste.



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