Tales of turkey-grilling disaster: Sunset readers write in

Avoid these classic--and often hilarious--mistakes that Sunset readers have made when grilling their Thanksgiving turkeys

Turkey with a side of house

Remembering this event now is pretty funny. I had read an article on how to prepare the grill for the perfect holiday turkey. So naturally I set out to be the perfect hostess and produce this glorious Thanksgiving meal.

Our brand-new Weber grill was prepared perfectly, according to the article. I put the bird on. Everything was going smoothly and on schedule.

Our guests began arriving, wine was poured, and appetizers presented. In the midst of arriving guests and enjoying family and friends, I neglected to put the lid back on the grill. Needless to say, when I went to check on its progress, not only was the turkey on fire, but also the side of the house! Fortunately, we did not have to call the fire department, and we were able to control the blaze with only slight scorching to the house. However, the turkey was not so lucky; it was a total loss.

Thank goodness for understanding guests, an abundance of other tasty dishes, more wine, and lots of laughs. To date I have not tried grilling another turkey, but I do think about it.





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