Tales of turkey-grilling disaster: Sunset readers write in

Avoid these classic--and often hilarious--mistakes that Sunset readers have made when grilling their Thanksgiving turkeys

Bruce Aidells reads your horror stories

Meat master Bruce Aidells reads your horror stories

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Lou and Char Cohan's turkey
Arnie Becker's turkey
Jenn Bernstein's turkey

Over the past few years, we've collected a choice bundle of stories from readers about ill-fated attempts to grill turkey for Thanksgiving. We found the tales so entertaining, and the authors' collective plea for help so persuasive, we published a turkey-grilling lesson, in cartoon form, in our November 2012 issue—starring Bruce Aidells, an authority on meat cooking and author of several books, including The Great Meat Cookbook (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2012; $40).

For a good laugh—and to know that you have company in your struggles to successfully grill a turkey—read on. And to master the technique, see sunset.com/turkeygrill for our turkey-grilling lesson.




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