Sweet potato appeal

James Carrier
Five ways to present this rich holiday classic

Marmalade- and Ginger-glazed Sweet Potatoes
Sunset readers give this recipe 5 stars for its delicious orange-ginger tanginess.

Baked Sweet Potatoes
Scrub them, pierce them, and toss them in the oven ― this one's as easy as it gets.

Sweet Potato Gratin
Rich and creamy, this tasty casserole is topped with pecans.

Baked Sweet Potatoes with Apricots and Bourbon
This dish is a good choice if you prefer a not-too-sweet style of baked sweet potatoes.

Chile-Spiced Sweet Potato Tamales
The combination of spicy and sweet flavors gives this recipe its winning appeal ― and a 5-star rating from Sunset readers.

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