A picnic for Mother's Day

Team up with the kids to make an easy alfresco lunch

Rice Salad Niçoise with Pickled Asparagus

Treat Mom to a light lunch of Rice Salad Niçoise with Pickled Asparagus.

Leigh Beisch

jam thumbprint cookie project

Thumbprint cookies make a fun project for young kids.

Leigh Beisch

Mother's Day brunch is a tradition, but all too often it means a morning of fighting crowds in a restaurant or an afternoon of cleaning up at home. Instead, head out into the spring sunshine for a peaceful picnic lunch this year.

A simple French-style rice salad and mildly pickled asparagus make a delicious meal, rounded out with baguettes, cheese, and radishes or olives. For dessert, jam thumbprints are the perfect project for little hands. In fact, all the recipes here are kid-tested: without help, our team of two 12-year-olds made the entire menu in less than three hours. The whole meal packs into a basket or backpack to take to a park, on a hike, or just out to the backyard for a relaxed celebration with the family.


Cooking with kids: This menu is designed for children of all ages to help with and older ones to produce on their own.


Rice Salad Niçoise

Quick-Pickled Asparagus

Jam Thumbprints

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