How to Make Blackberry Cardamom Mulled Wine

Warm up this holiday season with a steaming glass of this sweet and pungent twist on the classic mulled wine recipe

Mulled wine is a warm yuletide drink that’s essentially Christmas in a glass. Found in a number of Old World cultures, the holiday beverage has had many variations over the centuries: Glühwein in Germany, vin chaud in France, vino caliente in Spain, gløgg in Norway, and many more. Although each culture has its own spin on the drink, it’s generally made with a base of alcohol (most commonly red wine), with festive spices and oftentimes fruity elements, such as orange peel, added for flavoring. In our modern Western version, we use red wine along with vanilla, blackberry jam, and crushed cardamom pods for a simple yet elegant winter libation.

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